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Our Practices

Transformation & Digitalisation
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Digital Transformation

You decided to further digitalise your organisation or you have strategic plans to deliver and integrate a new software platform, changing your business model and enhancing the client’s access to services? We will work with you to draft the necessary details and coordinate with delivery teams to ensure a smooth and successful transformation.

Use Case 1 - Financial sector

Our consultants have assisted European banks in managing their operations with Central Banks through the development and implementation of a new platform (ECMS). We were responsible for documenting the user requirements, preparing for testing phases, and coordinating the migration effort. We collaborated with over 20 large entities to ensure a seamless transition.

Use Case 2 - Retail sector

Teals consultants provided support to a Belgian company that is undergoing a period of growth and expansion, with revenues exceeding EUR 250 million and plans to enter new markets and see significant growth in e-commerce. Our team implemented measures to streamline processes within the supply chain, standardising data flows, to ensure a smooth and efficient integration of point-of-sale systems and central inventory management. 


In today's complex business environment, staying compliant with evolving regulations can be a challenging task. Besides the financial consequences of not complying with regulations, it may also affect your reputation, disrupt operations, and lead to legal repercussions or sanctions.

At Teals Consulting, our top priority is safeguarding the reputation of our clients and keeping the bottom line sustainable. Our team of compliance consultants will provide guidance and advice on best practices, using a risk-based approach. Teals Consulting offers several kinds of compliance services to make every business run in line with the applicable law and regulations. Teals Consulting offers the following compliance related services. 

Use Case 1: Asset Management

Teals consultants helped a Tier 2 asset manager strengthen its anti-money laundering procedures and policies by reinforcing both the first and second lines of defense. Our team remedied any issues found and provided assistance for future growth.

Use Case 2: Enterprise Risk Framework

Teals's exceptional business expertise assisted a financial services provider in revamping its Enterprise Risk Management framework. Our team collaborated closely with the company's headquarters, fine-tuning both market and operational risks indicators, enabling the company to be more effective in identifying and mitigating risks.

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Moving toward greater sustainability is a complex, challenging, and ongoing process that demands diverse skills and strong, value-driven leaders. We're excited to partner with you on this journey.

Use Case 1 - Securities Services

Teals conducted a comprehensive review of the organization's services strategy and structure. By leveraging their current portfolio and recent acquisitions of ESG fintechs, Teals developed a new roadmap for the organization.

Use Case 2 - Investment Management

Teals provided support for the integration of an ESG fintech and helped develop new products for asset managers, asset owners, and insurance companies. This work was essential to driving more sustainable practices across the industry and creating a more resilient, equitable future.

Smart Data Management

Use Case 1 - Manufacturing company

A manufacturing company, part of a large multinational group, reached out to Teals for assistance as energy prices were increasing rapidly. The CFO urgently requested Teals to create a dynamic dashboard that could be used to monitor the profit margin per product and per client on a weekly basis. The dashboard included the most recent direct and indirect costs, orders, and rebates. Thanks to the tool developed by Teals, the company was able to efficiently review its pricing in a timely manner.

Use Case 2 - Financial services

For a financial services company, Teals evaluated the data reporting needs of users and evaluated the processes in place to identify opportunities for faster and more cost-effective production. Following this, Teals was responsible for coordinating the migration to a new data application, ensuring a smooth transition for users.

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Smart Data Management

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Operational Excellence

No matter the industry or nature of your business, maintaining continuity of operations is essential at all times. Our consultants at Teals can help you re-invent your Target Operating Model and identify opportunities for quick cost and risk reduction. For certain activities, we can provide experienced staff to support and augment your existing teams.

Use Case 1: Financial Market Infrastructure
Teals provided support to a Financial Market Infrastructure company during a complex post-merger IT and operations integration. Our team was instrumental in implementing a new Target Operating Model, leading change management initiatives across multiple teams and locations, and coordinating a thorough testing organization for the new application. Our guidance and expertise enabled the firm to navigate the challenges of the merger, resulting in a successful integration of the new systems and processes.

Use Case 2: Private Banking

Teals provided support to a private bank during the migration of its portfolios across multiple waves. This migration process covered over 10 sub-custodians, Teals team helped the bank to ensure a successful migration, minimising disruptions to its operations and minimising risks associated with the process.

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