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Compliance services

Implementation services 

An effective governance is important for every successful organization. It ensures that your business operates with integrity, transparency and complies to all laws and regulations. It helps a company maintain its reputation, reduce risks, and create an environment where employees and stakeholders can thrive. Our compliance team will help to build or improve an appropriate (internal) governance for your business. This service can include various initiatives such as drafting and implementing a code of conduct, identification/management of conflicts of interest or organizing the structure, roles and responsibilities of various management lines and committees. 


Compliance framework

A compliance framework is a structured approach meant for companies to manage and comply with relevant laws, regulations and policies. It includes guidelines that explain how an organization will execute its activities such as compliance-related activities. Therefore, our compliance team can help with or provide an effective and sustainable framework to comply with relevant regulations regarding the three lines of defence.


Besides our team can make an assessment of existing frameworks and propose different changes or improvements on various cases such as the action plan, design or implementation of your framework. 

Eventually, every company will have to deal with audits and controls. If so, it is possible that certain violations or breaches of regulations were found. In that case, it is necessary to have a high-quality remediation plan to solve these gaps in applicable regulations and avoid potential sanctions. Our compliance team has the required knowledge and expertise to help your company with drafting and implementing a remediation plan in order that the company is in line with all relevant regulations and laws.

Remediation exercises

Licensing files

Licensing files are essential for ensuring that a company has the necessary rights and permissions to use, distribute, or modify certain assets while complying with legal obligations. By clearly defining the rights and restrictions, the operational efficiency goes up and the interests of asset owners and licensees are well protected. If your company cannot comply with licensing requirements, it risks legal issues and fines. Our compliance team has the expertise to support your company with drafting licensing files. They will make sure you comply to the regulations according to your business field, so you do not risk any fines or legal issues.

Execution services

Compliance as a service is our set up to manage and ensure your compliance with regulatory requirements, laws, and internal policies within an organization. The compliance team of Teals Consulting provides the necessary expertise to support your business on initiatives such as drafting/implementing policies, procedures or annual compliance plans that align with your specific business area and unique needs. 


In addition, we can provide your employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to stay compliant with regulations in your business field by drafting and implementing trainings or awareness initiatives.


Teals Compliance-as-a-service focuses on the level 2 tasks with a limited support for day-to-day level 1 operational tasks. 

Compliance as a service

Internal audit missions and second line monitoring

A good-working internal auditing system is crucial for the internal functioning of a company since it controls the governance and compliance with the rules. Although the necessity, not all companies have the internal resources or expertise to execute internal audit missions. For those companies, Teals Consulting can support with defining the scope, implementing and even performing the internal audit missions. Afterwards we can help your company with drafting a report to management or implementing a remediation plan.

Besides, our compliance team can provide a second line monitoring service for your company. This means that your company can get an independent oversight of the (internal) functioning of your company. This will ensure that your compliance efforts are effective, efficient and in line with the best practices. actie

At Teals consulting, our interim compliance management is designed to provide your organization with expert support during transitional periods. A team of compliance experts is ready to help your company managing every kind of compliance problem. We provide and use robust strategies to manage any problem and bridge gaps in a way tailored to your industry’s specific requirements. Whether it's regulatory audits, policy development, risk assessment, or training initiatives, our experience can help to safeguard your operations. Besides, we can provide experienced compliance consultants to manage, structure and organize any ongoing compliance operations.

Interim management in compliance

Project management and transformation / change management

Teals Consulting and its employees are recognized experts in the field of project management and transformation. This strength can be transferred to and combined with our expertise in compliance. Our compliance team can handle different projects regarding compliance to regulations, changes or transformations in management. This can open doors to a new way of working within your company while having transparent, ethical and compliant procedures.

At Teals Consulting, our expertise lies in conducting comprehensive risk assessments aimed at identifying, managing, and mitigating potential risks arising from new laws, regulations, products or services. This means that our team carefully identifies the risks for your business, along with pinpointing any gaps in your existing policies, procedures, and tools. Afterwards we can respond to those risks by drafting and implementing an action plan.


On the other hand, the compliance team does also provide advisory services. Our consultants can offer advice to management, business owners and other internal stakeholders about potential risks or even help mapping regulatory and compliance risks with the aim of establishing a risk cartography.

Risk assessments and advisory

Examples of our work 

Case 1

Asset Management

Teals consultants helped a Tier 2 asset manager strengthen its anti-money laundering procedures and policies by reinforcing both the first and second lines of defense. Our team remedied any issues found and provided assistance for future growth.

Case 2

Enterprise Risk Framework

Teals's exceptional business expertise assisted a financial services provider in revamping its Enterprise Risk Management framework. Our team collaborated closely with the company's headquarters, fine-tuning both market and operational risks indicators, enabling the company to be more effective in identifying and mitigating risks.

Case 3

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